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Meet Irene Kloppenburg

Hello and welcome to iMindcoaching! I’m Irene Kloppenburg, and I’m thrilled to be your guide on this transformative journey towards inner peace and personal growth.
About Me

Who Am I

As a highly sensitive individual myself, I intimately understand the challenges of navigating a world that can often feel overwhelming. My own journey of self-discovery and healing has ignited a profound passion within me for helping others break free from the shackles of their past and embrace a brighter, more fulfilling future.


With a rich background in education, including primary school teaching, teaching English as a secondary language, and intervention teaching, I bring a wealth of experience to my coaching practice. My journey into coaching began with personal training from the renowned Dutch founder of the MatriX-methode, Ingrid Stoop, in 2016. This transformative experience inspired me to delve deeper into the power of coaching.

Commitment to Growth

I am deeply committed to ongoing learning and development. Recently, I voluntarily retrained with Ingrid Stoop herself to ensure that I offer you the most effective and up-to-date support on your journey. My dedication to continuous growth ensures that I can provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to unlock your full potential.

Your Path to Freedom

Our approach is rooted in the powerful Matrix Method, a structured technique designed to liberate you from the shackles of negative memories. By working with us, you’ll learn how to transform these memories into neutral recollections, allowing you to embrace your present and future without being haunted by the past.

Unlock Your Potential,
Transform Your Life

Are negative past experiences holding you back? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions, craving space for relaxation and new experiences? At iMindcoaching, we’re here to help you break free from the effects of your past and regain control over your mind.

Let’s Connect!

Begin your journey to a liberated mind and a brighter future by booking a free 15-minute discovery call with Irene now.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Why Choose ¡M¡ndcoaching?


We empower you to take charge of your own mind. Say goodbye to lengthy, frustrating discussions about mental issues. You'll work alongside a qualified professional to craft and apply your unique solutions without the need to share the intimate details of your struggles.

Clear Your Mind

Are your thoughts, images, sounds, or feelings hindering your life's potential? We provide accessible tools to declutter your mind, making space for clarity, relaxation, and new experiences.

Healing and Support

Whether you need help processing past trauma, dealing with unexplained pain or tinnitus, conquering intrusive thoughts, or overcoming a history of bullying, our mission is to lend a helping hand. We address your mental challenges, including IQ, EQ, and psychosomatic issues.

Manage Your Mind

Our mission is clear: To help you to “Manage your own mind.” This approach offers a lifeline for people seeking to avoid or break free from laborious, time-consuming discussions about mental problems. We guide individuals to create and implement their own solutions without the need to divulge problem specifics.

Help is Within Reach

No matter where you are, help is just a reach away:

WhatsApp Sessions

Convenient coaching sessions over the phone.

Online Consultations

Access support and guidance from the comfort of your home via video calls

In-Person Meetings

Face-to-face sessions available within London, UK.

Get In Touch Now!

Irene Kloppenburg studied the Dutch MatriX-method directly with the founder Ingrid Stoop in 2016 and recently took a voluntary retraining to refresh all information and update with the newest insights in this method.
She uses the MatriX-method as one of the tools in her toolbox, as there are many tailored ways to overcome overwhelm and be empowered to be your authentic self to reach your fullest potential. Let’s connect in a free discovery call to see what approaches and coaching fits best in your unique situation!

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