Resolve Emotional Problems



Bereavement, loneliness, domestic violence, bullying, low self-esteem, misunderstanding, not fitting in, …


There are ever so many causes for feeling uncomfortable or getting emotional problems. Often children do not want to tell exactly what has happened, but they are still hindered by their emotions to cope with daily life and its requirements.

MatriX coaches can help without having to know all the details of what, who and where and so on. They only ask simple questions to help the child to see the picture, hear the sound, describe what the feeling resembles or think of the thought that makes the memory still painful or unpleasant. By guiding the child to focus on the most important detail of that perception, they can than erase, mute or change that detail in their mind and replace it by something that they really like. In many occasions the pain scale of the memory  quickly halved (from 10 to 5) and ultimately neutralised to 0 (zero). That is where the triggers are gone and the experience can be stored in the long time memory as just something that happened, without influencing the present or the future. They can still remember it, but the pain has gone.