Psychosomatic Symptoms


Pains and complaints where doctors can’t find a medical reason for…

First of all we need to check if a complaint indeed hasn’t got a medical cause. But there is a lot of real pain where a plausible explanation can’t be given. Than MatriX coaching can help. The right questions by the coach can help the child to discover the power of their own mind to remove the pain. Where is the bad feeling? What does it feel like? Get it out. Destroy it. Clean it at the outside. Clean it at the inside. Is it totally clean? Make it the way you like it.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could remove the stone from your stomach, the squeezing hands around your throat, the itchy feeling that’s distracting you or any feeling you feel that is bothering you? And again, no need to expose exactly what or who caused that feeling. The focus is on the feeling and how you can deal with it.