‘Tidy up’ your Head


Tidying up your head gives overview and peace of mind

When a lot has been going on in your house, you might benefit from a good tidy up. Things go back into their designated places, other things can be chucked out and for some things you need to create a new place to store it. The same process goes on in our mental house, our heads. Sometimes we just need a good ‘tidy up’ and create designated areas in which we can store selected information so we have a better overview of what is where when we need it.

When coaching children or students I would also focus on: How does your SCHOOLHEAD work? They will then be asked to create a system that can hold all the different subjects that should be learned. For example, bookshelves with books for each subject; a building with different rooms, a dressingroom of the footballclub with different lockers, a computer with folders for each subject, a horse stable with several boxes, … whatever works for the learner.

Then one by one the books/rooms/drawers/ … will be filled with all the information about that topic. That opens up space in the head, everything gets organised and is easy to find back if needed. The place where it was laying around gets cleaned up and there is room for new input.

Like when you tidied up your room, you need to put the new information in the right places regularly.