MatriXcoaching for kids

Help!! My head is too full…!!!

full head

Many children (and adults) experience their head is too full
– with unorganised information
– with fears
– with negative emotions
– with seemingly inexplicable pains and worries

As a teacher and tutor I have seen many of these children. Is your child one of those?

I now have a solution: In short and effective coaching sessions I can help them to release their fears, change their perception and ‘tidy up’ their minds. I also help schoolchildren to learn HOW to learn and provide them with useful basic skills.

MatriX coaching has proven to help people with ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia. It has solved problems with spelling, concentration and behaviour. It has helped people to get rid of their fear for spiders, snakes, dentists, auditions, etc..

Don’t wait any longer, get dealt with those development stoppers and get control over your mind!